What’s Up With My Writing

I thought I’d give you a brief update on what I am working on in 2015.  My latest novella, “The Life of Rylie” is on Amazon and available through me.  It is for young adult/adult due to some content.  It follows the life of a foster child.  I hope you’ll check it out. In 2015, I want to try to complete an inspirational monthly journal about grace, a children’s book about my Basset Hound Cocoa, a book about my teaching and the things kids say, and possibly a sequel to “Fletcher’s Fables” if time allows.  I am enjoying being part of the Appalachian Authors Guild, the Damascus Writers Group, and the Lost State Writers Guild and taking part in the writers symposium in June in Richlands at Southwest Community College.  It is going to be a great one this year.  Check out their website at http://appheritagewritersym.wordpress.com and keep updated about the speakers and schedule for this year.  Below is a picture that shows all my books as of this writing.  Hope you’ll check some out at Amazon or my website- http://victoriafletcher.biz  Thanks for your support.  If you have read any of my books, I would love to have you review them either on Amazon or here on my blog.  It really helps authors out to see what people like and don’t like.  It helps us grow as authors and lets us know what readers are interested in.